Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Wonderful Books!

As a first time parent I am loving reading lots of books to my daughter! She is 21 months now and loves her books. I have enjoyed getting books out of my parents' attic that were mine as a child. These include some of the wonderfully illustrated books by Gyo Fujikawa like Milly's Secret, Babies, Let's Grow a Garden and Baby Animals. I just lover her style of illustrating and the stories are well written as well. If you are not familiar with her books check them out! You can find used copies of the titles that are no longer in print from Alibris for reasonable prices. Also try Amazon for new and used copies, as some of her books are still in print. I love exposing my daughter to books that are not so mainstream and of higher quality than much of what is produced today.

I appreciate that these books often portray children of different races playing together. I think it is important to lay a foundation of perception for our children that all people are created by God and are equal. I am from the south and despise the deep seated ideas that some races are not as good/ valuable/ smart as others. I reject that old fashioned mentality and want to teach my children to do the same. It really makes me mad (Irate actually) to hear comments from my elders that are so ungodly. I think something as simple as seeing children from all nationalities playing together is a way to lay a healthy foundation for our children that all people are valuable!

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