Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Nasty BPA

Are you aware of how awful BPA is? Bisphenol A is a toxic chemical used in plastics that disrupts hormone levels in our bodies. I think most people have heard about them in plastic disposable water bottles and nalgene type reusable ones. Not surprisingly they are found many other places as well. After reading this article on Civil Eats, I was so sad to see that canned goods are such a huge contributor to BPA in our food. I have been giving my toddler organic canned beans and heart of palm (good source of minerals) on a daily basis. Now I know that she has been ingesting chemicals from the lining of the cans! I called the manufacturer of the heart of palm and they were aware of the BPA in the cans and had phased it out of some of their other products, but not the ones we buy. This is so frustrating! It is not enough to buy foods that are organic, we can not trust that these manufacturers are concerned about anything other than their bottom line. It seems almost everything that is convenient and modern has a dangerous flip side. I am now being more diligent to soak my dried beans, which gives me a chance to sprout them, cook and freeze them. I know this is healthier anyway as sprouted legumes and grains are more easily digested an their nutrients absorbed. Other countries have banned BPA from anything that comes in contact with food, but not the US. It seems the corporations who profit from cheaper plastics that contain BPA have too much power in our legislature.

Eden Foods is one brand of canned organic foods that is willing to pay a few cents more per can in order to package their goods more safely. I think I will still avoid canned foods now but will certainly purchase theirs in a pinch. After all, who knows what they will find next in plastic to be harmful? This is yet another wake up call to avoid plastics altogether and opt for glass, wood and safe metals and ceramic in the kitchen. Also this reminds me that we live in such a greedy, polluted world and can not possibly avoid everything that is a threat to our health. I am so thankful to know Jesus and to know that I can pray and trust Him with my health and the health of my family. We make a point to bless our food and give thanks for it at every meal and I know that God does bless it when we do this. I am so thankful that I can rest in Him! With that being said, I still strive to do all that I can with the knowledge I have been given to make the best choices for my family but my trust is in Him.

If you would like to find out more about BPA here is another good resource.

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