Friday, July 30, 2010

Children's Book Review: Counting In the Garden by Kim Parker

Lately Audrey's favorite book has been Counting In The Garden
by Kim Parker.  It is such a cheerful, fun book that helps children learn their numbers.  Kim is an amazing artist and her work is so beautiful!  Each page is rich with creative, colorful flowers and lovely animals and insects to count. 

Whenever we read it (which is like 5 times a day) Audrey points her finger and wants me to trace each number with it.  This book really makes learning fun and it is so beautiful!  I was thinking of buying a second one to frame some of the pages for our kid's rooms.  It seems the book may not be in print anymore but is still available through Amazon.
I also found that many of the pages from the book are available as prints to be framed.  For more of Kim's beautiful work check out her gallery.

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