Thursday, April 29, 2010

Enjoying Every Day

We are expecting our second child this November and are so very excited!  Being pregnant the second time around seems much harder than the first, mostly because of the two year old that keeps me hopping.  I have felt so very tired that I have often forgotten how precious this time is with her, our last few months as just us.  Having the new baby brother or sister will be so wonderful, but it will be a change and I don't want to miss out on the special time that is now.  I want to shower my daughter with love and make the most of her time as an only child.  I came across the lyrics to this song by Malvina Reynolds and I cried.  It was really a wake up call for me to not let one day go by without appreciating how precious life is, to not wish for an easier day but to fully appreciate the one I am in.  Hope it inspires you too!

"I wish you were here to get underfoot,

I wish you were here to get in my way,

To call me from work, to call me to play,

I wish you were here again.

Oh what did I do that had to be done,

And what did I read that had to be read,

When I might have turned to watch you instead,

I wish you were here again."

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