Monday, March 15, 2010

Quality Apps for Kids

Don't get me wrong, I would not advocate the use of any electronic entertainment for preschoolers on a daily basis or for long stretches of time.  Children should be nurtured and cared for by real adults with real conversations and real world experiences.  I used to be very anti- video, dvd, and battery operated toy, but found that sometimes these forms of entertainment make life much easier.  I think they preserve our sanity as parents and when used minimally do no harm to our children.  I remember very well those days when a DVD meant I was able to get a shower without hearing my child screaming the whole time.  My pre baby ideals sorta went out the window at that point.

With that being said, I want to share with you these adorable preschool applications for Iphones and Ipods.  My 2 year old (23 months actually) LOVES my Ipod Touch and can turn it on, unlock the screen, scroll through a few pages of aps to her page.  Then she bounces back and forth between a few of her favorites (Jingle Bells, an animal spelling game, tic tac toe, doodle aps, etc).  Today I was trying to find one she had enjoyed playing on my sister's phone when I came across these adorable aps from Tickle Tap Aps.  We purchased Sound Shaker first and I knew we had found something special!  Then I picked up Field Flier because the little bird was such a hit, and since I want her to get a better grasp of numbers I got Count Caddy as well.  The graphics are so much cuter than anything else I have seen and the games are more creative.  These aps were $1.99 each but I think they are worth that.  Just make sure your kiddos enjoy them responsibly :)  Now if only Apple made something to keep toddlers out of the other applications (calendar, contacts, etc) when they exit their games!

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