Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Pinterest to Real Life

Isn't Pinterest the best thing ever!  I love all the fabulous ideas that are just waiting to be discovered.  Usually the things I pin don't make it into my real life but it is always so fun when they do.

I just came across this Pinterest to Real Life link up over at Simple Organic and thought I would share one of my favorite creations that came from a Pinterest idea.

It is a canvas that I stretched myself in college oil painting class and never loved what was painted on it.  So after coming across this pin for a wall paper pattern template, courtesy of Jones Design Company, I thought why not do it on the canvas and see how it looks.

I painted over the previous mistake of a painting with acrylic paint.  Since the original art was done in oil, some of the previous color bleed through which was an unexpected but nice effect.  Once it dried I traced the template onto the canvas.  The template was super easy to trace with a pencil and then trace again with a paintbrush.  After it was dry I traced again with my Krylon Gold Leafing Pen (which is awesome!) and voila!  A really cheap and really big piece of original art for my bare wall!  Thanks Pinterest!!

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